old cow, new cow

Don't you just love seeing a book at the bookstore, reading the synopsis on the back, and buying it just because it looks intriguing? And isn't it the absolute best when that book turns out to be fantastic?

That, to my utter amazement, is what happened when I bought Animal Husbandry by Laura Zigman. It is the story of Jane Goodall, no, not the Jane Goodall, not a scientist but rather an ordinary women, who decides, when she is the victim of a love affair gone sour, to find out what prompts men's behaviour. Her resultant theories are quite simply hilarious. Her clandestine analysis of her new roommate, her forays into publication, and her attempts to get on with her life are rendered masterfully. And any women will recognize the grain of truth in her Old-Cow-New-Cow Theory.

Read it for the blind date scenes alone. They are worth it.

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