The First Marathon Entry : The Edible Woman, by Margaret Atwood

The first book on the list was The Edible Woman, by Margaret Atwood. Both bobbi and I had read this before, and while I had enjoyed it, I get the feeling that bobbi hadn't. Things did not improve upon a second reading.

The book explores the life of Marian, a young woman just out of college, who is trying to live the life she thinks is expected of her. She does this by acquiring a dull job and a rather dull fiancé. Before long, she discovers that she can mysteriously no longer eat meat. Then eggs. Then vegetables. Then, well, you get the idea.

I had forgotten just how unsubtle this book is. The symbolism is shoved down the reader's throat, and the plot isn't involving enough to help us overlook it. WE GET IT. Marian feels she is being consumed herself. The only way to stop this cycle of destruction is to free herself from those who are consuming her.

Overall, this novel did not terribly impress me this time around. Don't get me wrong, I admire Margaret Atwood immensely, and consider her one of Canada's foremost writers. Her worst novel stands head and shoulder above most of the competition. However, having just reread Cat's Eye, which, to my everlasting surprise, isn't on the list, I was understandably disappointed.

This book will not be on our top canadian darlings list.

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