after what seemed like a million years, tuesdays with morrie finally came out in trade. (i bought it impulsively at newark airport in new york, and later calculations revealed that I may as well have bought it in hardcover at home. oh well.)

i finished it in less than three hours. it's a short book, folks. and it's a very easy read. neither of these things are necessarily bad, but i felt just a tad ripped off. this is what i had waited for for so long?

for those of you who have been living under a rock, the book is about morrie, a college professor in the states, who was diagnosed with lou gehrig's disease. an old student of his saw him being interviewed on a major network by a major news anchor, and was moved to get in touch with the professor with whom he had enjoyed a close, personal relationship. the dying old man gives his last class to a student of one. let me briefly recap the lessons : love others, love yourself, work hard at relationships, and get your priorities straight.

i was puzzled by the familiarity of the book. it took me a while to figure out what it reminded me of : god on a harley. The one where jesus comes to the woman and gives her her own set of personalized commandments? you know the one. sure you do. oh, yours might have a different name, and different characters, but it's got the same message. it's a great message, and perhaps it's important to make it available in all its different permutations, but you know? i'm always critical of a book i feel i could have written myself. not that i could, but i feel i could.

it is a sweet book, though. morrie's positive attitude and common sense in the face of death was inspiring. and the proceeds helped pay morrie's medical bills. for that alone, i'm glad i forked out the twenty bucks.

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