the deadhouse gates

just a short update on the second part of the malazan book of the fallen series. i admit to being a little disappointed at first, for several reasons. most of my favourite characters don't show up at all in this book (although from what i understand, many of them will be back in the next installment). it's way more complex than gardens of the moon, and not necessarily in a good way. i was left wondering if the confusion i felt was intentional on the part of the author, or if i'm just too obtuse to get it. and the pacing of the book is weird. four or five different storylines are tracked, most of which focus on characters journeying into unknown territory. there was a chapter about storyline a, then one about storyline b, then storyline c, then storyline d, then back to storyline a, on to storyline b again, etc... it felt like erikson found a system he was comfortable with, and then never deviated from it.

but if you are bored, and want to stop reading, don't. take my word for it. the last couple of chapters are certainly worth the effort. they regenerated my interest in the story, and honestly, i don't think i've been so affected by plot developments since the fionavar tapestry. suffice it to say, at the culmination, i actually leapt to my feet and shouted. more than once.

i've just started book three, memories of ice. i'll let you know how it goes.

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