just a small note to let you know that as much as i enjoyed silverwing and sunwing by kenneth oppel, firewing didn't capture my interest at all, and i didn't even bother finishing it. maybe i was a bit "batted" out; i'll try picking it up in a couple of months.

i have just started reading house of chains, the fourth in the malazan book of the fallen series. so far, so good, but i am looking forward to revisiting beloved characters.

i am reading book 20 or 21 in the , lone wolf and cub, series. a couple of installments ago, i got a bad feeling in my gut. i emailed the rat-bast the guy who lent me the series to discuss this bad feeling with him. do you know what he answered? i think his exact words were something like : "what on earth made you think this would end well?" hmmm. my over-developed sense of optimism, perhaps? crap. i'm the kind of girl who in her heart of hearts yearns for happily-ever-after. so yeah, the pinching in my heart is slowing down my reading.

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