eschew the label, girls!

i can't tell you how much i appreciate this book. i am so glad that it exists. thanks emily mullock for being a) such a cool and talented illustrator b) for twisting around the girl themes a bit without taking sides.

(also, thanks mckellar & martin for rocking the sparkles)

go away, unicorn! shows us girls everywhere that it's ok to not to like unicorns but it's ok to like them too, and it's really about what we are inside that counts; and unicorns can be good friends too.

here's the story:
a unicorn shows up to alice's 10th birthday - but not because he was invited: more because he smelled cake. but then he saw alice and her gold party hat. what follows is a wonderful schtick of unicorn-meets-girl, girl-doesn't-want-to-be-with unicorn, unicorn-finally-gets-the-picture story. but it turns out unicorns are really good friends after all.

the illustrations are bold and expressive (i've never seen a unicorn look so shocked when alice tells him she would prefer a goldfish) and the story is charming and funny. and my seven year old son liked it too.

i was a unicorn loving girl that didn't like pink either so this story speaks to my inner seven year old too.

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