IWD 2022

self-isolating day 1

Long story that many people have: I am currently self isolating. for this day at least. I could barely work yesterday at work, I was so paranoid. seemed stupid and careless and yes, a little pointless to be there but on the other hand whatever - jesus so many people out there just living there lives and here I am, no symptoms, seething at the moronic idiots on the bus wearing their masks below their noses and under their chins and I just fucking wanted to yell through my KN95 "I could be giving you all covid right now, you know!" 

But of course, unlikely. 

I am double vaxxed and boosted with no symptoms...so, very little viral load, even if I did come in close contact with someone who later developed symptoms and had a positive RADT result.

The constructive thing I did do at the last minute at work was buy a digital thermometer and some of Banana Yoshimoto's works Kitchen, N.P. and Amrita

Kitchen, I remember nothing of, and yet it's the only book of hers I'm sure I've read. I've been on a little kick of reading modern Japanese lit these days (Toddler Hunting by Kono Taeko, Tokyo Ueno Sation by Yu Miri, The Honjin Murders by Seishi Yokomizo - not to mention Breasts and Eggs and Heaven by Mieko Kawakami...) and realized I really didn't remember Kitchen as much as I should/wanted to and here I am.

But I also got Cain's Jaw Bone and am excited to open it and plus it's extremely sweet looking pocket book - my favourite book format! Dreamy. If you don't know the coolness of Cain's Jaw Bone you can read about here.

I hope to the patron saint of International Woman's Day that I do not have and do not get Covid19 but if I do, at least I'll have some cool things to read.

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