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me and my friend guislaine were thinking of doing this...and now suddenly as if by magic,
we are

review in progress:

A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius
by Dave Eggers
i was a big fan of MIGHT magazine when it was around, now i'm a fan of McSweeney's.
and of course, a big BIG fan of Dave Eggers himself. he's funny. he's smart. he's very very crushable for a bookgeek like me.
more on D.'s book when i finish the MISTAKES WE KNEW WE WERE MAKING ("notes corrections clarifications addenda") part.
[later that day...]

A.H.W.O.S.G. in a nutshell:

What i imagined would be the greatest part about this book, i.e. all the hilarious adventures of the "Might" magazine staff, turned out to be the most mediocre part of all. even his writing seemed less thoughtful and more bored by the topic.
what moved me and made me laugh and had me wishing that Dave Eggers was my best friend (all the things a good memoir should do) were all of the parts i had no idea were even in the book. like, all the parts involving his family and his anguished disbelief over the deaths of his parents and his own new role as parent to his younger brother, Toph. i especially loved every time he and Toph went to a park to play frisbee.
ok, there weren't that many frisbee episodes in the book. but, man...they sure could make that thing fly, couldn't they?
i guess, what i'm saying is, i'm surprised, AGAIN, by Dave Eggers. i sort of expected to be disappointed by this book. it's more than well written; it's got heart. it reluctantly mentions the "Might" magazine days as if he was forced into talking about it.
he can't continue to surprise and delight and reinvent literature and the publishing world, can he?
well, maybe he can.
you may think not.
let me know.

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