hype or not...

i sometimes get pulled in. i read all about the lastest hot new thing by the latest hottest new writer and i think, i gotta read this!! then, sometimes, i read the book and i think, not so much...

but, thankfully, with Jonathan Franzen's new book The Corrections that didn't happen. i was thoroughly engrossed and continually moved by the saga of the Lambert family.

The novel centers around Alfred and Enid, parents of three grown children: Gary, Chip and Denise. Alfred's ailing health and Enid's coping techniques (or lack thereof) become the centerpoint for their children's lives and every small decision becomes a catalyst which affects each of their lives in minute or massive ways.

Jonathan Franzen is some kinda clever writer. He brings you in to each of the character's minds and hearts and holds you there, and whether you like the character or not, you can definitely feel for them.

without a doubt my favorite character was Alfred, the father and patriarch of the family.

i would like to make this a longer review because i think it truly is brilliant, but i actually don't have the book here because i had to give it back, and i always forget how difficult it is to do these reviews from your head.

anyhow, you definitely want to read this book, but you may want to wait for the paperback (sorry, Mr. Franzen!) as it is a big fat $$ hardcover book. Unless you are giving it to someone as a christmas gift--which i definitely recommend for the avid reader!

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