sweet dreams

sometimes you just want a book to look at, you know? something that's not going to make you cry, or pee your pants laughing, or keep you on the edge of your seat or bed, or wherever you may be reading at the time.

i find myself needing books like those when, eventhough i may have three other books on the go, i just want to look at stuff, maybe read a little passage here and there. maybe even take a nap later. but not 'cause the book is boring, just 'cause i'm tired, you know?

Win Wenders has recently put out a perfect book for such instances, called Once.

my friends will say, "that bobbi, she just likes the perfect-sized book, of course she'd recommend a little book like this!"

and it's true, i first loved it for it's perfect size.

their next comment would probably be something like, "and, hello? bobbi? it's by Wim Wenders, remember he's your favorite director in the world?"

all true. i cannot deny it.

and plus it's published by D.A.P.(Distributed Art Publishers) and i'm sorry, but they KICK ASS for photography and art books. truly. plus, this perfectly-sized little photography book by Wim Wenders published by the amazing D.A.P. also is a about beginnings of stories and movies and poems, and each entry begins with Once...

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