i love Alastair MacLeod and his writing.

i've just recently finished "No Great Mischief" and also read "Island" his short story collection this summer.

there are many reasons why i love this man's writing, nottheleastofwhich is because he is a compelling storyteller. but it's not just that. it's the strength of characters in a place i felt i knew. a different time and place. a place that is the furthest east from where i am; the maritimes. a place i sometimes even call home.
(people from there ask you that. they say, "when are you coming home?")

Alastair MacLeod's stories make me feel like the maritimes is home. for real, for always. and that no matter that my family has never lived lives like the characters in these stories, we are still connected to them.
there is still the blood that flows through the viens, and it remembers.

clearly, these books were buyers for me. i will buy all of his books and i will keep them with me and i will reread them in time and i will remember home.

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