angst, approximately

mostly, i really quite liked this first novel by Zachary Lazar. but, i must admit the quote on the front cover comparing it to Catcher in the Rye bugged me. why do that? yes, i'm sure that kind of endorsement sold more copies of the book. absolutely. fine. but, people like me, of whom there are MANY, people who hold J.D. Salinger's books in a special place on their bookshelves, are going to expect something kind of monumental if you're going to make that kind of comparison.


i like this character Aaron Bright. as a kid he's bright, nice, wants to be funny. like his dad, who is literally a clown. but a bad thing happens (i'm not giving anything away, it says so on the dustjacket) and in a freak accident, his dad dies, leaving Aaron uncertain of everything.

and he pretty much stays uncertain for a long time.

what i especially liked about this novel was the accuracy in capturing the thought patterns of an adolescent and the alarmingly grey areas that can appear in our moral compass' when our thoughts are clouded with hormones and angst.

i would definitely recommend aaron, approximately to people looking to remember their youth or...give it to your neice/daughter/cousin/son, it's a fast enjoyable read, despite the references to Catcher in the Rye.

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