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Lynn Coady's first novel, Strange Heaven is full of dark humour and realism and quirky characters that may remind you of people you know, but you can't exactly remember who...

Bridget Murphy is in the psych ward in halifax just before the christmas holidays and her reasons for being there are starting to wear thin with ambiguity.

Bridget had a baby. illegitimately. (much to her boyfriend Mark's chagrin -- the illegitimate part that is). she gave the baby up for adoption you see, because unless she had wanted to marry Mark, the folk in the small cape breton n.s. town she lives in wouldn't be too sympathetic or kind about her coming home to raise a baby by herself. not that she expects they'll be forgiving when she gets home for christmas but at least then she'll be at home with her family.

and when she does get home for christmas, everything is just as she remembers and expects it to be (crazy, chaotic, loving). half the town expecting her to get back together with her ex (including her ex) and the other half in denial that it happened at all.

this novel is about small town living and families and the love/hate relationships you can have with such towns and your family.

but you keep on coming back, don'tcha?

Lynn Coady brought a slice of the the maritimes to me in this book, and i will keep coming back to her for more please...

check out her new novel Saints of Big Harbour soon to be reviewed right here.

n.b. hey! bookgeeks just turned one year old on april 7!!!
hip hip hooray!

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