love lost

february by lisa moore

i let the cover of this novel fool me for a long time.

and i’m not even sure what I expected from the cover – but it wasn’t this:

hard-living, straight-talking, wonderfully honest lonely helen o’mara trying to emerge from her husband’s death – a victim of the real-life sinking of the oil rig the ocean ranger, a disaster that took the lives of all the crew. but instead helen doesn’t emerge from her grief and her husband’s death becomes a blanket of loneliness that serves as comfort, because she has convinced herself that she knew it had happened, their bond was that strong.

a beautifully written novel of a family dealing with the unexpected senseless loss of a father and husband set in the eighties in st. john’s, newfoundland. this novel is a testament to the lives lost and a vivid, if fictional, account of personal loss and love.