poetry lives

how much i liked this novel, the anthologist, by nicholson baker is equal only to my secret desire to write a good rhyming poem. it's true. i've always wanted to be able to do it.

but oh my god. i remember that first year creative writing poetry class. awful stuff. i didn't get it. i couldn't hear it. couldn't hear the beats. didn't get the iambic pentameter. just was horribly mind-numbing for me. i used to freeze and panic when we got an assignment to write any sort of formal poem.

but then, i never had nicholson baker explain it to me. his ability to clarify the beauty of a rhyme through his dog-eared character paul chowder is enough to make you go out and buy that mary oliver book of poetry that always looked so nice in the poetry section or (horrors!) get one of those new oxford anthologies of english verse. 
and you know, i never do this, but when i finished this book iwent right back and reread my favourite bits. and there are so many.